One year later...

Almost one year after our last article (25/11/2020), it seems necessary to make a small update of where we are in our project! Enjoy reading :)

Server side

In the last article we announced the release of our Game Extrem offers equipped with Ryzens with a first server: Game2-FR, today we are at Game8-FR with a total of 6 Extrem servers!

Indeed, this range has proven itself and seems to please most people thanks to its performance and its low price.

We have also added a second Game Standard server to keep a correct stock, as well as several internal elements aiming to offer you a quality network.

User Side

We have also taken advantage of this time to offer you a brand new home-made website, even faster and more ergonomic, as well as a new Game panel to manage your game servers in the greatest comfort, bringing a lot of new features requested by our community.

We have also redesigned our support management in order to offer you a fast and efficient assistance, whatever your problem is.

Where are the VPS ?

Don't panic! We know that the stock return of our VPS offers is a real sensitive subject :)

We are currently preparing the release of a new range of VPS that will work like the Game offers: VPS Extrem!

Therefore, a complete overhaul of these offers is necessary, which requires some time and explains why these offers are out of stock for a while.

We reassure you: it's coming soon, and your patience is well worth it :) 


I might as well tell you that in one year, Hosterfy has taken impressive proportions that we did not expect to reach so quickly, and it is 100% thanks to you! We evolve with your listening and always in the concern to keep a so good quality/price ratio.

Thank you for your trust and support to Hosterfy, it's really a pleasure to work every day to provide you with quality services! 

And take this into account: it's just the beginning :)



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