Minecraft is an incredibly popular game that has spawned a passionate community of players worldwide. If you've set up your own Minecraft server and want to attract players to make it a thriving community, we're going to share some valuable tips with you.

Create a unique concept

One of the keys to attracting players to your Minecraft server is to stand out from the competition by offering something unique.

Whether it's an original game mode, a specific theme or customized features, give players a reason to choose your server over another. Think carefully about what sets your Minecraft server apart, and emphasize these aspects in your communication.

Advertising and communication

Forums and specialized sites

Write a complete article presenting your server, illustrated with beautiful photos. Mind you, I'm talking about a well-written article, not a 10-line copy/paste from your Discord ad, as we often see!
There are many sites you can choose from :


Start by inviting your friends and acquaintances to join your server, and encourage them to stay. As the world attracts the world, the more loyal players you have, the more bonds will be forged between them over time, helping your community to grow.

Minecraft server lists

There are many ranking sites, and this step is crucial to making your server known. We advise you to create a complete, well-written and illustrated profile on each of these sites.

I'd also advise you to pay a premium on this type of list in order to get better results. Believe me, it's totally profitable if you do it right, and you're sure to get a big influx of players. Money is the sinews of war!

Main ranking sites :


The basics... Yes, but not for everyone. Having a Discord server is an important part of growing a Minecraft community. Invite new members, post news that makes people want to join your server, generate interest by organizing events.


Surround yourself with influencers who will talk about your server and bring in new players. Contact youtubers, tiktokers, streamers or communities. Negotiate with them for interesting benefits and compensation. This is an effective technique for building your community quickly.

Social networks

Communicate regularly on social networks (Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, etc.). Tiktok is the most popular network for Minecraft at the moment, and you'll get excellent results by posting short videos, server news, funny anecdotes and live broadcasts, for example.


Offer interesting prizes (Nitro, premium roles, goodies, etc.) in contests to attract massive numbers of new members to your Discord, for example.

Google advertising campaigns

If you have the means, you can also promote your server's site on Google Ads by paying for campaigns. This way, your site will be quickly listed on the first page of Google thanks to ads. Clicks and mass conversions guaranteed!

Advertising videos

You can also publish video ads on Youtube and Tiktok, which will give you good results, even if the cost is quite high.

Organize events

To encourage players to join your Minecraft server, organize regular special events. These can include competitions, tournaments, quests or themed events. Events create a sense of excitement and engagement among players (hype), encouraging them to participate actively and invite other players to join in.

Deliver a quality gaming experience

Make sure your Minecraft server offers a smooth, high-quality gaming experience. Players are looking for reliable servers with low latency, few bugs and active administration. Make sure your server is well configured, with appropriate plugins, and up to date with the latest versions of Minecraft.


Generally speaking, attracting and retaining players on your Minecraft server will take time, effort and creativity, but it will also cost money - but it's worth it. By applying these tips, you can create a stable and growing community.


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