How to get an extra port on your game server ?

How to get an extra port on your game server ?

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What is the purpose of an additional port? 

Generally, an extra port is needed when a service external to the main game needs to communicate with the outside.

For example if a plugin needs a web interface (dymap, plan, gmod store, ...), or if a Rcon needs to communicate with the outside.

How to get it ?


Step 1 : Join our Discord server and link your client account 

If you don't know how to do this, I invite you to visit this Guide

Etape 2 : Command

Go to the #commands channel and enter the command /port followed by a complete reason for your request.

For example for the dynmap plugin: /port Hello, I need an extra port for my Dynmap map plugin

Etape 3 : Selection

If your customer account is linked and no port requests are already in progress, Billy will respond with this:

You will then have to choose the server concerned by the port request using the reactions below the message.

Etape 3 : Validation

Once your request is complete, Billy will confirm that your request is being processed.

Once this is processed, if it is accepted, you will receive a return by PM with your new port.

You can then find your port in "Configuration > Ports" and use it for your server.


Pourquoi my application denied?

A request for an additional port may be denied for several reasons:

  • An invalid or incomplete reason
  • An insecure plugin that may cause security problems
  • Too many ports requested
  • Other internal reason

Do not hesitate to join our discord if you encounter a problem!

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