In this guide we will advise you which Minecraft offer to choose for your server.

When you are beginner, it is difficult to compare the different offers and estimate the resources you need. This is precisely the purpose of this guide that will explain you from A to Z to choose the best Minecraft offer by listing the main criterias.

Minecraft server hosting

Which offer to choose?

Before anything else, and to be sure to choose the offer that fits your needs, you have to know several important criterias.

Criteria 1 : The number of players

One of the most important criteria is the number of simultaneous players you expect to have on your server. Be realistic, if you launch your server, you may not have 500 players the first day ! It is important to make an estimation, because it will directly impact the RAM consumption of your server.

On Hosterfy, the small offers are rather intended for servers between friends, if you intend to create a real community and have a lot of players, we invite you to opt for a Minecraft offer Creeper or Dragon.

Minecraft server hosting

Criteria 2 : Plugins and mods

When choosing the offer, you will also have to know the plugins and mods you will have as well as their consumption. Indeed, some of them consume a lot of resources and can create some lags if you have chosen a too small offer. This is the case of big modpacks. 

If you plan to have a lot of modpacks, you will have to choose a bigger offer and opt for the Extreme range which benefits from a higher processor frequency (Ryzen) as well as for the RAM.

Criteria 3 : The server version

You should take into consideration the version of your server. Indeed, the latest versions of Minecraft (1.16+) consume a lot of RAM. Mojang recommends a minimum of 4 GB of RAM. This is the minimum to run, but we advise you to choose a higher package if you plan to use this kind of version.

To find out more about Mojang's recommendations:

Criteria 4 : The server range

Finally, you will also need to choose the range of hosting for your Minecraft server.

On Hosterfy, we have made the choice to offer the best performance at the best price. That's why we have deployed a new range : Extreme. This one has important advantages like a higher processor frequency (4,7 Ghz unlike 3,00 Ghz on the Standard range) as well as for the RAM (DDR4). You will also benefit from a high speed read/write NVMe storage.

Standard range

The Standard range is rather intended for servers between friends with few players or small needs. It features an Intel Xeon E5 processor running at 3.00 Ghz, DDR3 RAM and SSD storage.

Extreme range

The Extreme range is intended for community servers, or if you want to be sure not to have lags. It features a Ryzen 7 processor running at 4.70 Ghz, DDR4 RAM and high speed read/write NVMe storage. At the moment this is the best possible components for Minecraft hosting.

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