Bungeecord servers hosting

Bungeecord servers hosting
Link your servers together

Rent your Bungeecord server to connect your Minecraft servers.

So your players will be able to navigate from one server to another via a command, a portal or by clicking on a panel for example.

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Bungeecord Hosting Services

Connecting your Minecraft servers with Bungeecord has never been easier !

  • Dedicated RAM
  • Unlimited Slots
  • Easy management
  • Extreme performances

  • Support 24/7
  • Premium Anti-DDOS
  • Flexible offers
  • Customizable IP
  • Plugins/Mods
Hosting Bungee Smart
Bungee Smart
1 vCore
Intel Xeon E5 @3.6 GHz
1 Go
3 Go
Storage SSD
1,29 €/month
Hosting Bungee Giant
Bungee Giant
2 vCore
Intel Xeon E5 @3.6 GHz
5 Go
10 Go
Storage SSD
3,99 €/month
All game hosting plans have 2 databases and 1GB of storage per database. Customized offers, contact us.
The prices are displayed including all taxes (VAT).

Included in all Bungeecord offers

Main features included with a Bungeecord hosting

Dedicated RAM

Unlimited Slots

Control Panel


Support 24/7

Low latency




Switch versions



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Managing of your Bungeecord hosting

Discover a simplified control panel to manage your servers in a few clicks without the need of any technical knowledge.

Real-time statistics

Overview of statistics of your Bungeecord server through the panel. In general, a Bungeecord server consumes almost nothing because it's just a proxy, no stress.

Manage your Bungeecord hosting using a simplified console, with the ability to start or stop it easily.

Real-time statistics

A control panel designed for you

Configure your Bungeecord in a flash with our simplified interface to make the configuration of your Bungeecord server very easy.

You have access to all the features to manage your proxy, you will see it's really easy !

A control panel designed for you

File management

Manage the files and plugins of your Bungeecord server in a few clicks using the manager.

You can do everything, copy, create, delete, move files, plugins or even folders in a few clicks on your Bungeecord hosting panel.

File management

Configure your server

Who said that managing a Bungeecord and creating your server network was complicated? On Hosterfy you can configure everything from A to Z without any headache !

Includes: Startup options, subdomain customization, databases, backups, scheduled tasks, secondary users and port management.

Configure your server

Dark mode

Our team has developed a dark version of the panel game to not hurt your eyes at night :)

You can switch from light to dark mode with a simple button at the top of the control panel.

Dark mode

The success of your project, our priority

Our reputation shows everything ! No need to add more!

Bungeecord server rental

Bungeecord server rental

Bungeecord allows Minecraft server owners to create a proxy in order to link multiple servers together. For example, you can set up a lobby that will then redirect your players to other servers.

Ensure the success of your Minecraft project

At Hosterfy, we help our customers to build their project, develop their community. Linking your servers together with Bungeecord is a great idea to keep your players, and we will always be there to give you valuable advice. Put all the chances on your side to ensure the success of your Minecraft project, choose an experienced hosting company that really listens to its customers.

A successful network means happy players

Get dedicated RAM on your Bungeecord hosting in order to have the best performance, as well as high speed SSD drives to ensure constant fluidity. A performing network means happy players to stay on your server.

Priority customer service

Our teams will always be available to help you configure your Bungeecord and link your servers if needed. We are also ready to give you a multitude of advice and answer your questions with the sole purpose of ensuring the success of your Minecraft server.

Frequently asked questions

The questions we are regularly asked about Bungeecord offers.

Hosterfy is not only a hosting company, if thousands of customers trust us for their Minecraft / Bungeecord project, because of our experience, it's also because we really contribute to the success of their server. For you, we will do the best and forever !
Yes it's possible, if you want to change your Bungeecord offer within the same range, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time via your customer area without having to reinstall your server.
Once you have ordered your Bungeecord server, you can request support.
For a faster response, we recommend joining the discord: discord.hosterfy.com
Of course, you have the possibility to cancel your service whenever you want through your customer area.
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