Minecraft update 1.21, entitled "Tricky Trials", will be available on June 13, 2024. This update will bring many new features for players of the Java and Bedrock versions of the game.

Main New Features :

  1. Trial Chambers :

    • New dungeons filled with traps, treasures and challenges. These copper structures will offer combat and crafting adventures, with hidden rewards to be discovered in special chests.


  2. Trial Spawner :

    • Specific mob generators for event rooms, increasing difficulty and challenge for players.
      - Gives a reward when all the creatures it has generated have been killed.


    • Variant : Fateful Trials Generator that grants better rewards and makes stronger creatures appear.


  3. New monsters :

    • The Breeze : A monster with a projective attack (wind charge) that can send players flying.
      - Wind charge activate mechanisms such as doors, hatches, knobs and levers.
      - Is invulnerable to arrows.
      - Appearance area : Proof rooms via the proof generator.


    • The Bogged : A poisonous skeleton, covered in moss and fungus, that uses poisoned arrows to make combat more difficult.
      - They have fewer hit points and attack more slowly than normal skeletons.
      - Appearance zone: Swamp biome & trial chambers via the trial generator.


  4. New Blocks and Objects :

    • The Crafter : A new block of redstone.
      - Interacts with funnels and droppers.


    • New weapon : Mace, ideal for close combat.
      - Inflicts damage according to the height of the fall and cancels fall damage if the move is successful.


    • Explorer maps : Obtainable with a cartographer
      - Allows you to find proof rooms


    • Vault : Obtainable from the test rooms.
      - When activated with a trial key, it ejects rewards.
      - It can only be activated once per player.


    • Trial Key : Open vault.
      - Obtainable as a reward from an trial spawner.


    • Ominous trial key : Allows you to open ominous vault.
      - Obtainable as a reward in a ominous trial chamber.


    • Various new tuff blocks, including polished and cut tuff.



  5. Teams and Multiplayer :

    • Players can venture alone or in groups through the challenge chambers. Challenges are adjusted according to the number of players, making team adventures more strategic and fun.

The "Tricky Trials" update promises to greatly enrich the gaming experience with its new structures, monsters and mechanisms, encouraging players to explore and take on challenges solo or with friends.

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