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JSONAPI is a plugin that allows you to link your website/shop to a Minecraft server in order to execute commands and exchange information (Examples: Vote on the server, receive a reward, get the list of connected players, etc). Most of the CMS already offer a pre-established link with JSONAPI.
To install the JSONAPI plugin on your Minecraft server, nothing could be easier :
  • Download the version corresponding to your server, then upload the file in the "plugins" folder of your FTP.
  • Then restart your Minecraft server to generate the configuration files.
  • Open the config.yml file with a text editor, then change the port with the one that will be dedicated to JSONAPI. Save the file.
  • Now open the user.yml file, and change username and password. We strongly advise you to choose a very complex password to avoid any bad surprises. Save the file.
  • Restart you server.
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There are several possible reasons :
  • You do not have the Vault plugin installed on your server. It is a dependency for JSONAPI to work properly.
  • The server's java version is lower than version 13.
  • You have not installed the correct version of JSONAPI on your Minecraft server.
  • You have not installed the JSONAPI plugin on your server.
  • The host, port or credentials are wrong. Make sure you haven't made an error and that you haven't added a space or a character too many. This may sound silly, but we see it all the time.
  • The port entered is not dedicated to JSONAPI. Indeed, you must ask your host for an additional port that will be assigned exclusively to the JSONAPI plugin. Note that this port must be open.
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