Welcome to this guide that will explain step by step how to install Fabric on your Minecraft server.

1. What is Fabric?

Fabric is a modloader for Minecraft that allows players to install mods on their server to enhance their gaming experience. With Fabric, you can add new blocks, mobs, game mechanics, and much more. This guide is intended for beginners who have never installed Fabric on their Minecraft server before. Follow the instructions carefully and you will soon be able to enjoy Minecraft with mods on your own server!

2. Download Fabric

Go to the Fabric website to download the software.

To get started, select the version of Minecraft you want to use. Then download the corresponding .jar file by clicking on the blue button, and place it in a folder where you are sure to find it.

2.1 Go to the game panel

To delete all files, go to the file management section, then follow these simple steps:

Select all files and directories by clicking on the blue square in the top left corner. Click on the "Delete" button.

That's it! All selected files and directories will be deleted.

Normally, your folder will be completely empty.

3. Install Fabric on your server

To install the .jar file on your server, follow these steps:

Access the file management section. Click on the "Send a file" button.

In the tab that opens, find the .jar file that you downloaded previously. Double-click on the file to select it and drop it on your server.

After dropping the .jar file on your server, you will need to rename it. To do this, right-click on the .jar file to open a context menu.

In this menu, select "Rename" and name the file "server.jar", then confirm the operation by pressing the "Rename" button.

That's it! The .jar file is now on your Minecraft server.

4.Changing the version for Java.

To configure the appropriate version of Java for your Minecraft server, follow these steps:

Open the "Configuration" submenu. Go to "Startup Options".

Choose the appropriate version of Java for your version of Minecraft: Java 8 for Minecraft 1.16.5 or earlier, Java 16 for Minecraft 1.17, and Java 17 for Minecraft 1.18 or later. Also, make sure that the startup JAR file defined is indeed "server.jar".

Once you have completed all the previous steps, your server should start correctly and you can start playing Minecraft with Fabric installed. Have fun!